Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer Recap #1--Italian Shaved Ice YUM!

The apartment complex next to us did a promotion this summer where if you tour their place you'd get a free Italian Shaved Ice Cream (like ice cream and the best snow cone you've ever had on top) and the little ice cream truck/shop was parked all summer right there!  It was more than my kids could resist. All summer they saved their money and did extra chores so they could go over and by another cup.  Nothing like a common goal to unite a group of people :) 

They all have their purses/bags with the money they made. Three spoons so they all could share :)

Emma--the best, sweetest baby ever

Brother and sisters--love love!

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Lauren's Latest said...

Emma looks so itty bitty!! Can she transform into being that small by Christmas? Her auntie wants to cuddle her!!