Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing Emma!

After much anticipation, our daughter Emma was born!  She is perfect--healthy and beautiful and we are so excited to have her home!  The birth was a crazy fast "let's never do that again" experience, but now is a blur.  Everyone here is so good to us, bringing me flowers before and after I had her, bringing dinner, watching my other three, and loving and supporting me constantly.  I put on facebook that we brought Emma home, and not one second later, three friends liked my post!  What love!  Thank you!
My parents and brother Dallin will be here in less than a week to stay for two, and we can't wait!  Tony went to work today and I was fine with the kids and new baby at home, but it will be so nice to have them here to help and love my kids! 
The biggest point of contention in our home now is who will hold Emma next and for how long :)