Sunday, January 22, 2012

Did you know?

I'm pregnant :) Did you know? We are having another girl, and we are so excited. Keegan was a little upset that he won't be having a brother, but Tony promised him he'd wrestle with him every day (Keegan: "EVERY day?") then it was ok :) She's getting big and moving around...getting comfortable. I just want to hold her in my arms and see her all new and beautiful.
Have I mentioned yet how huge my other three are getting?? Just tonight Zoe finished another chapter book that she got for Christmas. She's doing her own hair now--thank goodness--I could never get it just the way she wanted it. I cut bangs for her though and she is so cute and BIG. Lots of clips that coordinate with her outfits! On the school bus Friday the boys in her class sitting behind her were whispering about how they were going to get the girls, and Zoe turned around and said, "Boys, you are busted. I heard everything!" and they screamed! I love it.
Tony gave Keegan a whole bunch of Kindersurprise toys that he got on his mission and Keeg LOVES them. They of course come apart into at least three or four pieces and you can put them back together which is heaven for my little man.
He and Olivia are in bunk beds and it is hilarious to listen to them at bedtime. She can hold her own with him, but he is sneaky and really knows how to push her buttons. Their latest thing is singing "poopy Livvy" or "poopy Keegan". I think that it might have come from this book that they found in the library called "Peek-a-poo"--seriously, that 's the name of the book (it's a potty training book). We had to check it out of the library just so that the kids could read it to their Dad. Too funny.
Anyway, so that's been us lately. Pretty exciting I know :)
ps how on earth am I going to handle FOUR? ahh!