Saturday, December 1, 2012

You Bring the Popcorn

As many of you know, my Tony is the Tony from "Nate and Tony at the Movies" but recently Nate decided to bow out of the business.  At first Tony thought he could not continue without Nate and he stopped also...but he missed it so much that he decided to go on his own!  The new website and facebook page are up and running and as always, are fun and witty reads.  He is in his element :)
Check him out at
Isn't he so handsome?!  :)
Thanks friends!

Wedding Cake for Aubree and Mike

I made this cake for Aubree and Mike back at the end of the summer, so this should be another summer update post. ( December WOW.)
This was one of the most challenging cakes I've make.  All chocolate cake with ganoche in the middle layer and chocolate buttercream in the other two layers...of each 5 tiers.  Yummy!  My first attempt at gum paste flowers, (thank you to the wonderful Chris who showed me how it's done) turned out really well!  People at the party thought they were real---success!  (Side note: these people really know how to throw a party!)

Now Colton is engaged (congratulations!), getting married right after Christmas, and I won't even be in the country to make his cake--sorry Colton I really wish I could!   

Christmas Present for Brooke!

Lauren asked if I could do this for Brooke, and at first I thought she seriously over-estimated my creative ability...but in the end I'm excited by the result!  A little pencil freehand, colored pencils (or pencil crayons if you're from Canada like me), traced in pen, and the trick--sparkly nail polish.  I wish you could see the sparkles better, but you'll just have to trust me I guess :)  The princesses sparkle!
I love you Brooke!  Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer Recap #1--Italian Shaved Ice YUM!

The apartment complex next to us did a promotion this summer where if you tour their place you'd get a free Italian Shaved Ice Cream (like ice cream and the best snow cone you've ever had on top) and the little ice cream truck/shop was parked all summer right there!  It was more than my kids could resist. All summer they saved their money and did extra chores so they could go over and by another cup.  Nothing like a common goal to unite a group of people :) 

They all have their purses/bags with the money they made. Three spoons so they all could share :)

Emma--the best, sweetest baby ever

Brother and sisters--love love!

Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Family Pictures

Sorry to those of you who are friends with me on facebook--you've already seen these,  but aren't they cute??!  I'm so glad that there were a few where everyone was smiling at the same time.  It gets trickier and trickier the more people we add to the mix.  Thank you to Elana Madsen who was our great photographer!

This Christmas when our whole family will be in Canada together, we will HAVE to take pictures.  That will be interesting with so many people...but so SO great.  We're already so excited!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Emma Update!

Emma is getting so big already, it makes me a little sad.  Like I should hold her and watch her and talk to her all day so that I don't miss a thing.  She's six weeks old!  I feel like I really know her now, that we're in a routine that works for her and makes her happy, but that still gives me time and is fun for my other kids who have completely different needs.  If I have learned anything it is that being a mother is an evolving process and that I have to constantly adapt...probably because my kids are all growing and learning and changing.  Emma goes to sleep at night between 10 and 11, so we get some good time together in the evenings when everyone else has gone to bed.  That is what the video above is.  Maybe I can do this "mother of four" thing :)  Here's hoping anyway!!  (Isn't she so cute and smart?!)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Social Event Planner

After having all my kids home for the summer for a few weeks already, I have decided to appoint myself their social event planner :)  There is no other way to do it.  They have too much energy and I am just not exciting enough on my own!  So:  lots of play dates, trips to the splash park, reading program and music time at the library, art projects at home, and piano lessons (with bribery of course) far :)  When it's a little warmer I have a whole other list to do.  Bring on the summer!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Zoe the ballerina

Zoe at her last production.  So pretty!
Tony was getting his hair cut and Zoe's ballet teacher walked in.  She said, "Aren't you Zoe's Dad?" and proceeded to tell him how much she loves having Zoe in her class and what a natural dancer she was and how she hoped Zoe sticks with it because she is excited to see how far she will go.  Ya, we like being Zoe's parents :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chelsea's wedding cake!

Tony's cousin Chelsea and her husband Jeff had bright and happy colors for their wedding and I was happy to make their wedding cake for them!  It was unlike anything I've done before which I like, and the middle tier is 6" high--the highest layer I've done.  I finished it after everyone went to bed and in the morning Zoe gasped when she saw it and said it was so pretty!  Everyone who came over that day she showed the cake too.  I was a cool Mom that day :)
Tony's cousin Aubree is also getting married this summer, so I have one more cake to do in August.  I'm testing out chocolate cake and frosting/filling combinations, anyone want to come to a cake tasting party Saturday (...seriously!)??
ps We love Chelsea and Jeff!  Congrats to them :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Molly's wedding cake

So I'm back in the cake business!  Well, for family only :) 

Tony's sister Kim made over 300 cupcakes with Julie's help and I am my awesome friend Chris frosted them and added a cute chocolate half daisy that I had made earlier.  They turned out really well!

Molly with Zoe, Sohvi, Lucy and Alysse.  Zoe is so excited to have new cousins! 

It is a little time consuming  but so much fun to see the final product.  Molly's was the first square cake I've done so I was a little nervous, but was very happy with how it turned out.  I loved the bright colors!  So very Molly and Brian :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Introducing Emma!

After much anticipation, our daughter Emma was born!  She is perfect--healthy and beautiful and we are so excited to have her home!  The birth was a crazy fast "let's never do that again" experience, but now is a blur.  Everyone here is so good to us, bringing me flowers before and after I had her, bringing dinner, watching my other three, and loving and supporting me constantly.  I put on facebook that we brought Emma home, and not one second later, three friends liked my post!  What love!  Thank you!
My parents and brother Dallin will be here in less than a week to stay for two, and we can't wait!  Tony went to work today and I was fine with the kids and new baby at home, but it will be so nice to have them here to help and love my kids! 
The biggest point of contention in our home now is who will hold Emma next and for how long :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Did you know?

I'm pregnant :) Did you know? We are having another girl, and we are so excited. Keegan was a little upset that he won't be having a brother, but Tony promised him he'd wrestle with him every day (Keegan: "EVERY day?") then it was ok :) She's getting big and moving around...getting comfortable. I just want to hold her in my arms and see her all new and beautiful.
Have I mentioned yet how huge my other three are getting?? Just tonight Zoe finished another chapter book that she got for Christmas. She's doing her own hair now--thank goodness--I could never get it just the way she wanted it. I cut bangs for her though and she is so cute and BIG. Lots of clips that coordinate with her outfits! On the school bus Friday the boys in her class sitting behind her were whispering about how they were going to get the girls, and Zoe turned around and said, "Boys, you are busted. I heard everything!" and they screamed! I love it.
Tony gave Keegan a whole bunch of Kindersurprise toys that he got on his mission and Keeg LOVES them. They of course come apart into at least three or four pieces and you can put them back together which is heaven for my little man.
He and Olivia are in bunk beds and it is hilarious to listen to them at bedtime. She can hold her own with him, but he is sneaky and really knows how to push her buttons. Their latest thing is singing "poopy Livvy" or "poopy Keegan". I think that it might have come from this book that they found in the library called "Peek-a-poo"--seriously, that 's the name of the book (it's a potty training book). We had to check it out of the library just so that the kids could read it to their Dad. Too funny.
Anyway, so that's been us lately. Pretty exciting I know :)
ps how on earth am I going to handle FOUR? ahh!