Sunday, April 18, 2010


We did it!!! I ran the Salt Lake 1/2 marathon in 2 hours and 13 minutes! That's 10 minute 11 second miles which for me right now is the very best that I can do. WAHOO!! Thank you Tony who thinks of all the little things and does them, who takes the time when he has no time to spare, and who wants me to reach my goals as much as he wants to reach his own. And Lauren, oh Lauren, it is so much easier to run when you are running with me! I am going to miss that!
p.s. Did I look like I was ready to pass out? Because I was. And yes, I totally wore my medal all day :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


These are so cute! How fun is SO fun :) Ooo, and I need one of these too thanks!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Great Grandpa Ernhofer

Two Sundays ago I felt that I should call my dad and ask about Grandpa (miracle #1). He told me that my Grandpa was worse. I asked if we should come and he said he didn't know. I asked my mom and in reply she told me the story of when Grandpa was about to have his brain surgery and I called my Dad who was at the hospital and asked him to pass along the message to Grandpa that we (Lauren and I and our families) loved him very much and were thinking and praying for him. Mom told me that when my Dad told my Grandpa, Grandpa wept. She said, "If he has that reaction to hearing that you love him, imagine what it would mean to him to have you come all this way."

It just so happened that we had unexpectedly got a big check from our insurance (miracle #2)from when Liv was sick and in the hospital and I was feeling guilty about it--that we had financially benefited from her being so sick--and I thought "This is Livie's money. What would she want us to do with it?...Have us take her to meet her Great Grandpa."

So it was decided. Tony and I got out our calendar and saw that the only possible time it would work would be immediately, so he looked up plane tickets while I called Lauren. I told her that we were going and asked her if she'd like to come. They talked about it and figured that the only way they could afford it would be if Gordon got the internship he had applied to, which they wouldn't know until later. In Lo's words they "decided to take it on faith" and they decided Lauren and Brooke would come.

Then I called Sam. We had been trying for over two years to see Sam after she moved to Calgary, but something always seemed to come up. So I called her and found out that because of spring break she would be off work at the exact time that we were planning on going (miracle #3), and after a bit of encouragement from me, Shawn ("family comes first!") and my parents, she decided she would come to (miracle #4).

It was late when it was all worked out and official, and it was even later in Ottawa, so I waited until the next morning to call my Grandma. At first she didn't believe what I was saying, but I kept telling her, "It is done. The tickets are bought. We're coming! We're all coming." Only after a moment when the news had sunk in did she remember something that had happened the night before. She woke Grandpa up to get him ready for bed, and as he was waking up he said, "Is Shayna here? When is Shayna coming?" Grandma said, "No Frank, Shayna lives in the States, she's not coming." And to me she said, "What an amazing coincidence! How did he know you were coming? Just as you were working it out, he knew." (miracle #5)

All of Grandpa's grandchildren and all of his great grandchildren came for him. We bought tickets Sunday, and we were on the plane Wednesday. While we were gone, Gordon got word that he did get the internship (miracle #6). While we were there, there were countless little miracles involving each person in our family. It was amazing.

We just got home last night.

Mom called just a minute ago and said that Grandpa went back to the hospital today. They did more tests and the doctors say he has two weeks to maybe two months to live on this earth. My mom said that the last time he was very lucid was the last time I saw him, two days ago, when we came to say goodbye. He had fallen asleep after we spoke, so as I was leaving I pressed my cheek to his and whispered, "Goodbye Grandpa. I love you." and he said "I love you too."

I am so grateful this Easter weekend for a loving Heavenly Father who allowed me the opportunity to see my Grandpa and tell him how much he means to me, and for my Grandpa to see all of his family there with him and for him. I'm grateful for the prompting of the spirit that we all have that if followed, will allow us to be instruments in the hands of God. I am grateful to know that because of Jesus Christ, we will all rise again. That we will live with our families forever, and that death is a temporary parting.

President Benson (a prophet) once said, "Nothing is going to startle us more when we pass through the veil to the other side than to realize how well we know our Father and how familiar his face is to us." I am so grateful that even though we can't see him here, we can feel His love every day.

Baby shower cake

So we went to Canada (YA! I'll post about that later), to see my Grandpa and while we were there Lauren, my mom and I decided it would be a great time to have a surprise baby shower for our sister Sam and our new nephew-on-the-way! I didn't get the chance to make her wedding cake so I thought this was a great opportunity to show her how much we LOVE HER...with cake of course!

Speaking of new nephews...Congratulations Kim, Brian, Addie and Callen on your new baby! We were so happy to hear of the safe and healthy arrival of Cooper. We can't wait to meet him :)