Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Liv pics

My long distance family has been requesting more pictures of Olivia, so here you go!! She's getting so big! Tony went to put her in her bed because she had fallen asleep, but she woke up and he fell asleep. I took a bunch of pictures but he never woke up :) I really need to take a good family picture, but this last one will do for now.

Keegan's Birthday

After seeing Zoe have her birthday, Keegan knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday--a pinata, a party with friends, lots of presents and a cool cake. No Problem!

Big Sister and Big Brother!!

People have been asking how the kids are with the new baby. They're great! They love holding and kissing her, and now that she's starting to smile they think she's even more fun to have around.

Zoe's Birthday

Zoe wanted a princess dress up birthday party this year so that's what she had! I asked her what her favorite part was and she said, "Um, EVERYTHING! And my pinata."


Our garden really grew this year! Every other day we'd pick about this much. We filled up bags up with tomatoes and cucumbers and wandered the neighborhood finding friends to share with. It was fun!