Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I have successfully managed to ignore my birthday. Not that I don't like the fact that I'm getting older, it's just that I don't feel like I can properly celebrate this momentous number without feeling completely like myself. I have decided that in 3 months and 0 days I shall have my life and my body to myself again and am planning on celebrating then. No arguements. I don't know what celebrating will entail exactly, but I have three months to figure that out :)

In related news, I was told by my midwife today that I'm 37 weeks now, which means that I should probably get some baby things together! Not that I think she'll come early...but she could! She also told me that I CAN have my allergy medicine (blessed day!) which I suddenly need again. (What is it this time of year in stupid Idaho that makes me want to claw my eyes out of my head? I'd like to know so that I can scowl and curse at it).

As far as the apartments go, the girls have moved out and we have almost 7 weeks of quiet. This weekend will be somewhat busy with Education Week (where we host guests, sigh), but then we'll really be free for a while.

A big chunk of the day was actually spent with my sisters. Chels got her hair done, and I quote, "Wow! It's like a little treat every time I see myself in the mirror!" The three of us (and baby Brooke) went out to the Olive Garden, our favorite, for a late lunch. I'll stick some pictures up here soon--my beautiful sisters and me looking swollen and tired--lovely.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


What a wonderful trip! Getting there was a lot more fun than coming home, but being there and seeing everyone was well worth the hours (and days and nights) of travel. We were never there all at once though so our famous group shots were always missing one or two people (Sam I mean you!). I will add pictures later on, but before I forget, here are a few things I want to always remember:
  • The kids, immediately comfortable, going on a walk with mom and Great Grandma and the dogs to the park after dinner that first night.
  • Val winning the kids over as only she can with persistent bubbly kindness...and new books!
  • Great Grandma delightedly watching Keegan eat more than his share of pineapple (juice running out of his mouth...with toothpicks of course which was new and made it all the more interesting for him) and them cutting him more.
  • Freezing our butts off at our windy Canadian picnic huddled together under blankets determined to have a good time, and the kids still wanting to run and play at the park with their shoes off...thank you Chels for going with them!
  • Meeting up with old old friends and still being friends (amazing). People I will always love for knowing me so well and still loving me. (Jen, Kelly, Britt)!
  • Kiaya (Britt's daughter) giving one of her dress-up dresses to Zoe and being immediate best friends.
  • Keegan in his new Algonquin hat climbing on the rocks outside the museum finding secret paths like I used to do all the time when I was little.
  • Zoe and Keegan helping my mom water the plants and the girls talking about how pink flowers were the best.
  • Making friends with the other 2 moms in Zoe's swimming class and cheering when our kids were brave.
  • Dallin dressing up at the children's museum and me going around with Keegan looking at everything knowing (and seeing every few minutes) that Matt Chels Mom and Dallin were all taking care of Zoe and that she was blissfully busy and happy.
  • Seeing Evan all grown up, driving around and about to start college and remembering visiting at the hospital when he was born! (Realizing that I'm old and being ok with it).
  • Looking over the river at the parliment buildings with my kids and telling them about this part of me that is part of them.
  • Zoe asking me to sing "Land of the Silver Birch" over and over and over until she could sing it all perfectly and then wanting to sing it more. And Keegan joining in on the "dip dip and swing" making the paddling actions.
  • Zoe and Keegan feeding the chipmunks at Algonquin Park and Zoe trying to trap them when one jumped right into the peanut bag. And Keegan yelling "Surprise" and scaring them away when they got too fiesty.
  • Dallin and Zoe playing Go Fish in the camper, just the two of them. Dallin (my teenaged brother with Downs) showing the card, "How about 2?". Zoe (almost 5, smart and independant) furrowed brow, a moments pause, "Go Fish".
  • Me carrying the canoe to the beach and paddling with Chelsea and the kids.
  • Me and my big belly barely fitting into my Dad's life jacket and Keegan determined to figure out all the buckles HIMSELF thank you very much.
  • Canada Day with my Dad, Dallin and my kids. Cotton Candy, rides, talking with my Dad while the three played together in the sand, and of course fireworks.
  • Keegan on the phone with Tony and telling him about everything he could think of so that he wouldn't have to say goodbye to his Dad.
  • Oma's thoughtful gifts and cards, and how much care Jon took with her.
  • My Dad reading Zoe the entire Fairy Tale book for a bedtime story.
  • Great Grandpa teaching Gordon how to take care of himself.
  • Seeing my Oma holding baby Brooke and how much that meant to her.
  • Popping in at Matt's work and seeing him busy and outgoing and oh so handsome :)
  • Late night converstaions where you don't need to say much, just revel in the company of people you love so much you'd rather sit there into the morning in their presence than go to bed.
  • Eating enought Tim Bits to last us until our next trip.
  • Teaching the kids about the different flags. Keegan "it has a leaf on it!" As as we came back to the US, Zoe being all proud for knowing the flag with the stars on it was the "Hue-nited States of Hamerica" flag.
  • Being so excited to see Tony again and listening to him love what he is learning.
  • "Just happening" to be able to meet up with Kim, her kids and Grandpa Potter on the way home, and having so much fun swimming together. And Zoe putting her WHOLE BODY underwater--hurray for her! And Keegan who has never liked the water asking Tony, "These my swimming lessons?" and swimming "super fast" arms and legs going full speed.
  • Sitting in church the morning we got back, Tony sleeping at home after driving us all night, and the kids each falling asleep, heads on my lap, Keegan sprawled out to my left and Zoe curled up on my right. Being able to listen to a missionary speak and then bear his beautiful testimony in sign language...and then being able to go right home and rest.

That's just the short list. We made it! The only things I regret are that Sam couldn't be there and that I didn't get to see Sharlene (a freind I love dearly). I am so lucky that I have Lauren and her family close by and that Chelsea will be here visiting for a good while.

Now we just have to finish up another semester here with the apartments, and get ready for our little one who will be arriving in 4 short weeks! We can totally do this :)