Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Can we please go TODAY?!?!"

is a daily quote from Zoe as she crosses off another day on our big calendar and counts the days until we leave for Canada. I wish is was today!! Just a little over a week until we pack ourselves into the car, say a big prayer ("let the car not die--please!") and head out for the long drive HOME! I'm just afraid that I won't want to come back.

Top 6 reasons Zoe is excited:
1. swimming lessons (thank you mom--Zoe will be learning to swim in the same pool that I did!)
2. we get to get doughnuts (Tim Horton's Tim Bits--the best things ever)
3. Grandma is going to buy her new clothes
4. to see everyone, everyone!
5. to eat Grandpa's camping pancakes that are bigger than your plate
6. to go camping and "to do those marshmallows in fire"

Tony is, of course, excited to see all his Master's friends and do another residency in Vermont. He will spend a few days with us in Canada before and after, so we're hoping that we'll all be so busy we won't miss each other too much. He's a quarter of the way through--yeay Tony!