Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kim's Here!

Kim's friend got married yesterday so Kim came here all by herself for the long weekend. She's now Zoe's favorite ("Can we PLEASE go see Aunt Kim?!") and the only good thing about her leaving on monday is that Sohvi and Max are coming then (that makes it ok for Zoe)!
Kim asked me if I'd help her make the wedding cake for her friend and of course I said ok! Kim did all the baking (Chocolate with chocolate fudge, Carrot spice with white chocolate cream cheese and White with raspberry--yum!) and we decorated together. What fun :)
In a couple of days I'll put pictures up without flowers and with flowers (done by another friend of the bride).
We can't wait until Kim comes back and brings all her family with her!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Potty Boy

Keegan is very good at going potty when you put him on the potty. He's working on telling us before he has to go potty that he has to go. Although if we say, "If you go in the potty..." he'll readily say, "I'll get a CANDY!" and be all excited. We're working on it!!! But doesn't he look so cute in his undies?

Wedding Cake

They sent us a picture! I didn't know the flowers they'd put on would be different colors. I think it looks really cute and colorful--I'm so glad it worked out! Congrats Brandon and Christine!