Sunday, March 22, 2009


Next on our weekend trip we went up to visit Jared in Pleasant Grove. We saw his place and lots of pictures of his beautiful fiance (congratulations)! Zoe played with Abbi and Isaac and was VERY impressed that Abbi can read! Keegan took a nap, but woke up when we all went for ice cream! Jared introduced us to a new place called Sub Zero where they take the cream, mix it with the flavor and additions that you want and spray liquid oxygen on it, stir it up, and give you the freshest, yummiest ice cream ever! It was great! (Just to give you an idea, and to make your mouth water, Tony had cake batter ice cream with pieces of cheese cake, Zoe had mint with brownie pieces and I had chocolate fudge with oreo pieces--yummy!) It was so nice to see them and to catch up!


Last weekend we had a great time visiting friends and family in Utah. Driving in we remembered how much we miss it! I guess you have to leave a thing to really appreciate it.
We started of visiting Michelle of course, and meeting her new kitty, and of course Buck and Goldie. We'll have to bring Choco next time--he'd love seeing his old friends too! Zoe and I had a quick dip in the hot tub, and then we all went with Jen and her kids to lunch. Next time we'll have to give them more than a days notice so that we can hang out with Greg too!!

Zoe was not happy without a little swim!

Hair Cuts!

This is the before shot (notice the fist full of candies in Keegan's hand--bribery!)
...And the handsome after shot! Don't they look great? Keegan can't leave the house without those sunglasses (from Grandma Ernhofer).

This should really go in between the other two...but this is about as uncomfortable as he got! Usually he's screeming throughout. The candy in his hand made it ok I think! What a big boy! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Class Pictures!

Zoe had her first class picture this past Wednesday! Her Grandpa Potter (who is also her principal) told the photographer that she was his granddaughter and the photographer had Grandpa get in on a picture :) Pretty cute. Hopefully Zoe's smile will be a little bigger in her other picture! Zoe's comment, "I should have worn my pink shirt and pink clippies. That would have been much cuter." Funny girl. Side note: the clippies in the picture and the ones she mentioned were both made by Kim and SO cute!