Sunday, November 16, 2008

Goodbye cake

So I made a cake for Tony's boss who was leaving for SLC and a new exciting job. It was my first pineapple upsidedown cake. Lots of inside jokes in this cake. The car is a real little toy car, but the guy driving it is fondant! He turned out cute! I made Tony remember what everyone said about it:
"That is the most amazing cake I have ever seen. I mean ever, in my entire life." That was Tony's boss.
"I can't even imagine how she made that. I think I will quit just so she will make me a cake." A coworker.
"Your wife is talented. I can believe she made that. That is seriously the coolest cake I have ever seen." Tony's boss again, five minutes later.
Hurray for me.

Halloween (spooooooooky!)

Halloween was fun! Chelsea heard that Zoe wanted to be a fairy so found and sent the cutest costume EVER! Zoe wore it every day for the 2 weeks prior to Halloween (Zoe would let Keegan wear the headband backwards on his head so that they could BOTH be beautiful)! Keegan was a pirate, but refused to wear half of his costume. I made the hat as a bit of a prototype, but he just LOVED it, and called it his "cool pirate hat, arrrr!" so I didn't bother making another (although I probably should have). Lucky for us, it was a pretty nice evening--no snow which I guess is unusual--so trick-or-treating was great.

...more pictures from the coast

I had to add a few more pictures...I'm realizing now that we never got a big group shot (drats!).

Oregon Coast

So the beach house was beautiful! We saw seals and even a few whales from the porch. Zoe loves shrimp and Tony and Zoe are crazy and went swimming (FREEZING!). We loved seeing Kim and Brian and their beautiful kids, and missed Aut and Liesel and their gang. A huge thank you to Mom and Dad Potter--what a fun time!!