Monday, October 20, 2014

Stealing TIme

An amazing lady and author in my church group recently spoke to a group of us about her writing.  As she was speaking there were little phrases that jumped out at me--things to learn.
She said that she wrote here and there as her children were at home and little, but after her fifth and final child was born, she felt a change...a pull to really do more and spend time on those projects.  A few years and eleven books later, she says she continues to "steal time"; writing a sentence quickly and running back to the stove to stir the sauce she'd been cooking for dinner, thinking about her book as she works.
I've just had my fifth and final baby (and oh how I love him!) and I feel the beckoning thoughts again whispering that there is something more for me now.

Another amazing woman and neighbor says that doing the laundry is her favorite time to spend in conversation with God.  As she does the mundane things that need to be done, she gives her thoughts to meditation.
What do I do as I do the laundry...or ironing...or dishes?  Usually Netflix. Or the radio. 

I was reading the short biography of Elder Eyering on yesterday and it shares a story of his father asking him what he thinks about when his thoughts wander, and knowing that that is what you're passionate about, that is what you should be doing with your life.
And I thought...I don't even know what I think about, because I don't allow my thoughts to wander.  I fill up all the little moments with silly little things. 

I think what I'm supposed to learn is that all the little stolen minutes add up to a lifetime of staying in touch with my Father in Heaven. "Let us search and try our ways, and turn again unto the Lord (Lamentations 3:40)." Living my life, doing the things that need to be done, but bringing Him with me, and in every moment I can, turning to Him again and again.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Things to learn

One of  the major changes this past year was quitting my management job and buying a house.  If there was a word that meant absolutely the right thing to do but completely terrifying I would use that word to describe this change. 

But as soon as we moved in I had some experiences that have made me realize that we are here, this house, this neighborhood, this ward, because I have a lot to learn! And this is the best setting for me to learn the things I need to know.

The people around me, especially the women who are a few years ahead of me in their mothering, have been teaching me so much.  These amazing "elect" ladies inspire me.  And they KNOW so much, just from living through it.  They're all very humble too, thinking it's no big deal. But to me, the little things they say SAVE me on a daily basis. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shall I try again?

So much happens in a year.  It's amazing really, how time flies.  Frightening sometimes.
Shall I catch you up? Maybe on another day.
I'm making this up as I go along--my life.  This motherhood thing.  This grownup thing.  Faking it.  And hoping that I'm not doing it all wrong.  
That's what this is actually, this return to my blog.  The past little while, the past three days specifically, I've had this consuming feeling that I'm doing something wrong--that I'm missing something huge--and it's left me blindsided. Not shocked my shame.
When I started this blog I called it "shayna--thisisme" because my intent was to actually, for the first time in my life, be honest with the world and show you ME.  Why that is important, I have no idea, but that it is important I have no doubt.  
I've been avoiding this why?  Because it's scary?  Because some of you won't like me? Sure.  But mostly because it is the right thing to do, and of course the beginning of that path will always appear to be impossible because there is someone there who above all else desires for us to be thwarted from that path.  And he's done a phenomenal job with me so far (how old am I?).  Jerk. 
So for these past days God has completely taken away my peace and in so doing has again brought me to the edge of this path.  
"How about now, Shayna?" He asks with love and sorrow.
"Now, will you allow me to heal you?"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

You Bring the Popcorn

As many of you know, my Tony is the Tony from "Nate and Tony at the Movies" but recently Nate decided to bow out of the business.  At first Tony thought he could not continue without Nate and he stopped also...but he missed it so much that he decided to go on his own!  The new website and facebook page are up and running and as always, are fun and witty reads.  He is in his element :)
Check him out at
Isn't he so handsome?!  :)
Thanks friends!

Wedding Cake for Aubree and Mike

I made this cake for Aubree and Mike back at the end of the summer, so this should be another summer update post. ( December WOW.)
This was one of the most challenging cakes I've make.  All chocolate cake with ganoche in the middle layer and chocolate buttercream in the other two layers...of each 5 tiers.  Yummy!  My first attempt at gum paste flowers, (thank you to the wonderful Chris who showed me how it's done) turned out really well!  People at the party thought they were real---success!  (Side note: these people really know how to throw a party!)

Now Colton is engaged (congratulations!), getting married right after Christmas, and I won't even be in the country to make his cake--sorry Colton I really wish I could!   

Christmas Present for Brooke!

Lauren asked if I could do this for Brooke, and at first I thought she seriously over-estimated my creative ability...but in the end I'm excited by the result!  A little pencil freehand, colored pencils (or pencil crayons if you're from Canada like me), traced in pen, and the trick--sparkly nail polish.  I wish you could see the sparkles better, but you'll just have to trust me I guess :)  The princesses sparkle!
I love you Brooke!  Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summer Recap #1--Italian Shaved Ice YUM!

The apartment complex next to us did a promotion this summer where if you tour their place you'd get a free Italian Shaved Ice Cream (like ice cream and the best snow cone you've ever had on top) and the little ice cream truck/shop was parked all summer right there!  It was more than my kids could resist. All summer they saved their money and did extra chores so they could go over and by another cup.  Nothing like a common goal to unite a group of people :) 

They all have their purses/bags with the money they made. Three spoons so they all could share :)

Emma--the best, sweetest baby ever

Brother and sisters--love love!